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How can I help?

You can make a contribution in many ways. The simplest is just to have a look at reviews you are interested. If you think there are important papers missing either make the suggestion on the discussion page or just add the reference directly. If you are particularly interested in a review why not volunteer to be a Curator? Finally if there aren't Reviews in your area then you can create one. Either by converting an existing review, written by your self or someone else, or by starting from scratch.

What is a curator?

What about copyright issues with converting an existing review?

Everything on OpenWetWare is available under a Creative Commons license. This means it is available for anyone, anywhere, to re-use. If you wish to use an existing published review as a starting point you must check its copyright status. In most cases it will be possible, with the appropriate permissions, to place an existing review on OpenWetWare.

Published articles will generall fall into of three categories.